Final Fantasy VII: Redemption

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This is a Final Fantasy VII list that takes place two years after Advent Children and is based around Shinra Inc. Now that his strength is regained, Rufus Shinra and his company have a lot to make up for. Using the Hydroelectric Plant in Junon he has made electricity the running force of the continents instead of Mako. His main goal is to rebuild Midgar to its former glory with the plans Reeve has supplied.

It won't be easy, however. People don't trust Shinra and feel that Rufus has a hidden agenda. Many are opposing him at every turn, making the restoration difficult. While it is true Rufus is dabbling in more than the restoration (and not all of it legal), he is sincere.

Our writings will center around Shinra and the daily happenings and interactions of it's employees and those in contact with them. This will all take place in Midgar, of course, unless the characters are required to travel.

Because of the violent opposition to Shinra's hand in rebuilding Midgar, Rufus felt it necessary on the advice of Tseng to add another branch of Turks complete with its own leader. The Turks (along with the soldiers) keep order in Midgar as well, and the more they have the easier it is. Not to mention Rufus frequently has them doing little 'projects' for him.

After we have established characters and gotten settled in, the mod(s) will add all sorts of troubles. These will be in the form of random postings that everyone must heed. Any main bad guys, evil, etc. will be inserted by the mod(s) so the characters have to react as if we were playing in real time.

Note: This RP takes place in Junon at the Hydroelectric plant as Rufus is re-building the Shinra HQ.

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