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09 October 2006 @ 12:03 pm
Date: Day One
Time: 7:48 A.M.
Place: Shinra HQ, Junon
Characters: Rude, Reno, Elena, Alethia, August.
Status: Open to the aforementioned people.
Rating: PG-13, just because we anticipate Reno might get a little mouthy. (and by we, I mean Rude and me.)

It was time. This wasn't such a big deal; he'd be working with the same people he always had, minus Tseng. Theoretically, though the hierarchy had changed somewhat, things should still flow smoothly, and nothing should get in the way of doing the job. But Rude knew people. Elena and Alethia might not have been as susceptible to it as others, but there was always a bit of resentment when leadership was changed. Things didn't work the way they used to.

Authority was challenged.

Well, there was some resentment that he knew of, and it wasn't even coming from the two Turks who hadn't been made leaders. He was a background man. He was a details man. But he was not a leader.

Flexing his hands as he made his way down the hall, he mentally sighed. But the job had changed. Tseng seemed to think he and Reno could handle it -- and as long as it was him and Reno, they would likely balance one another out well enough to handle it -- and that was that. He would have to deal with it.

Passing through the doorway into the meeting room, he casually tilted his head toward the secretary. The meeting was due to start in a few minutes, and if Reno was true to his nature, he'd show up late. Even if he was co-leader now.

Folding his arms, he slipped into his accustomed place, positioned so that he could see every inch of the room if need be, and waited.
girly_gun on October 10th, 2006 02:19 am (UTC)
There had to be a reason people made time in their lives for dates, but for the life of her Elena couldn't figure out what it was. Especially when her hectic schedule meant that after the date she spent the night on the cheap couch in her tiny office because it would simply be more convenient to get right to work after a few hours' sleep. The date in question had assumed Elena would be sleeping at his place, but in her opinion that was wishful thinking indeed and just wasn't happening.

The alarm on her phone went off and startled her awake, making her roll off the couch and hit the floor with a groan, grabbing the phone to make it stop the godawful beeping noise. Why had she set the alarm for so early? Elena glanced at the screen to see what note she'd put in for this date.

Final Reminder: Meeting at 8:00am. Try to be early.

"...oh, crap."

It was a very good thing she kept a suit in her closet for just such an emergency. She leapt up and yanked it out, pulling on the pants and keeping her heels on from the night before. If nothing else they'd make her feel taller. A bit of water from the vase of flowers on her desk helped to tame her hair, but much to her chagrin a brief makeup check in her compact showed a small but dark bruise on her neck. The gentleman from the night before had attempted to get a little fresh. There was nothing for it, she did her best to cover it with makeup then stepped back to peek at her reflection in the thin panel of mirror that ran vertically along the sides of the window for decoration.

She looked tired, slightly wrinkled, and no matter what she tried she couldn't get her collar to lay right without taking time to iron it, which she didn't have time to do.

"Oh good lord," she murmured. "Add the scent of liquor and I'll have turned into Reno."

It would have to do. She hurried to the elevator and up to the appropriate floor, attempting to slip into the designated room when she arrived without anybody taking too much notice.
code_red_turk on October 25th, 2006 09:38 pm (UTC)
They didn't allow smoking in the building. The only reason Reno followed the rule was because he'd set the smoke alarms off. And who the hell wanted to hear that kind of racket this early in the morning?

He didn't want this responsibility. It meant managing people, and Reno didn't manage people. It also meant having to show up at a decent time for meetings. He could be an ass and leave it all to Rude, but he wasn't going to dump this shit into his friend's lap. And because he actually gave a damn whether the Turks survived (and couldn't let Tseng down if the man believed him capable), he'd be punctual.

But it fucking sucked.

Coffee in hand, he entered the room and found Rude and Elena. Figured. Rude was always on time and Elena was always eager to please. It surprised him that he'd managed to be the third one here.

He was pretty damn impressed with himself.

"Yo. Morning. And don't say 'good'. There's nothing good about it."
girly_gun on October 26th, 2006 04:27 am (UTC)
Automatically, Elena snapped off a neat salute. She could voice her opinions on her fellow Turks all she wanted in the privacy of her own office, but the fact of the matter was that Reno and Rude were her bosses now. And she had never been very good at developing casual relationships with any of her coworkers.

"Morning, sir!" She replied, obediently dropping the 'good'. "...of the less-than-pleasant persuasion, sir," she added helpfully, feeling that 'morning' was simply too blunt of an answer.
24_7_shades on October 27th, 2006 12:47 am (UTC)
He resisted the urge to sigh, but Rude thought it was an admirable thing. Now all they needed was Alethia and they'd be ready. Ready for what? Well, he'd leave that up to Reno.

He was here, wasn't he? Even if his paycheck was vested in him being a leader now, Reno was going to do most of the talking. That was just the way things were. If he felt the need to speak up, he would. If he didn't, there was no point in running his mouth for no reason, was there?

Flexing his hands, he shifted and said quietly, "One sir's enough. Too early to be that formal." Or that chipper, but Rude wasn't going to point that out. He considered it a genetic defect of Elena's that she really couldn't help.

Glancing at his watch, he noted the time, and wondered when Alethia would show.