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28 August 2006 @ 12:10 am
Character Applications  
Please respond to this entry with your character applications. They will be screened until accepted.
ss_essess on September 1st, 2006 01:53 pm (UTC)
Rufus pt. 2
-Brief Personality: Rufus is almost impossible to pin down. He wants to be seen as the good guy. He wants everyone to like him. He doesn't care who likes him. He likes to put off that 'bad boy' vibe. Rufus is moody and often hard to understand. He doesn't part with information easily. He is often calculating and has a brilliant mind that he prefers to use to his own interests--but sometimes he likes to do things for others. He can tell a joke and frown at the punchline. He will make you dinner but it'll be his own favorite meal.

Most of all, people probably think Rufus is a big fat faker. He flip-flops between personalities (or so it seems). He is young and can appear careless; he makes snap decisions without thinking, but he also dwells on situations before doing anything about them. His process of thought is not always clear, not even to him.

Rufus does enjoy research, however, and he likes to hear opinions aside from his own. He can be, at times, easy to work with. He can also behave like a curious child when he wants to.

-Brief Background: Rufus was born in a privileged, upper-class home with many opportunities and unlimited resources. His mother died when he was very young and his father dedicated himself to his business--the Shinra Electric Power Company.

The staff of the Shinra household raised Rufus as best they could, giving him the opportunity to look to them for adult supervision. Rufus rejected and ignored them, content to spend the time alone with his books and thoughts. He was a very intelligent and ambitious child, and learned quickly.

When he was barely a teen, his father brought him into Shinra to learn the business. Rufus was adept with technology, numbers, and animal advancement. When his father sent him off to college, Rufus began a draft of a program to evolve and train household pets. This was the first of many of Shinra's evolution projects--Dark Nation becoming the first animal to receive the treatments. Rufus and Dark Nation share a deep bond and protect one another in battle.

After the death of Martel Shinra, Rufus, then only 21, took over Shinra's presidency. He liked to believe that the people saw him as an angel of change, and thought they welcomed his youth and ambitions. He was probably wrong.

With one exception, Rufus will not talk about pre- or post-Meteor events. He has publicly and apologetically admitted to Shinra's, and his own, involvement in the planet's (specifically Midgar's) destruction, and has adapted Reeve's plans to restore the city (at least). Rufus struggles with his reasons for this turn-around and is aware that most people believe he is insincere. Most of the time he's not sure if he's being sincere or not, but in reality he knows he's being sincere, and he just likes to feel like he's not being sincere so he can post feelings of insincerity, so people will question him, and that will in turn make him feel "cool."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Skills: A bit of charm, good speaking skills, and a cleverly-disguised grasp of manipulation. He is also a decent writer.
-Occupation [if any]: President of Shinra (...also an author under and undisclosed pen name)
-Weapon(s)[if any]: Double-barrel shotgun, sometimes a handgun.