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28 August 2006 @ 12:10 am
Character Applications  
Please respond to this entry with your character applications. They will be screened until accepted.
Lexevilwildlex on September 12th, 2006 03:38 am (UTC)
Tseng profile part 1
--Player Information

-Name/Alias: Lex
-Age: 26
-Gender: F
-E-mail address: evil_wild_lex at yahoo.com
-AIM: Katana Maid
-MSN: set_on_fire at hotmail.com (better to catch me
on AIM)

--Character Information

-Name: Tseng Arisugawa
-Age: 42
-Birthday: November 3
-Birthplace: Wutai
-Gender: Male

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Mother: Mei Lin Arisugawa
-Father: Keiji Arisugawa
-Siblings: Younger brother, Baki (presently age 37)
-Marital status: Single, engaged at one point
-Children: None.
-Pets: A tortoiseshell colored cat, aptly named

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Eyes: Brown
-Height: 6'2"
-Weight: 200 pounds
-Hair color/style: Tseng has well groomed dark hair, which is long by the standards of a male (a little past his shoulders). He tends to leave it down, but he has been known to pull it back into a small
medium-height ponytail from time to time.
-Complexion: Lightly tanned.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Distinguishing marks: The mole in the middle of his forehead.

-Build: Tseng is in good shape, with more muscle tone than one would expect a man his age to have. Overall, his build is a medium build, healthy and very athletic.
-Voice: Tseng's voice is mid-pitched and calm.

-Clothes: Tseng is usually found in uniform. When not in uniform, he favours button down shirts and somewhat dressy pants. He's really only found in casual clothing when exercising, or in bed.

-General Appearance: Tseng manages to appear calmly commanding, and every bit the professional. His emotions tend to be understated in his facial expressions, but he's not completely without
emotions, by any stretch of the imagination. His body language is confident, yet polite.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Brief Personality: Tseng is a formal and disciplined person. He is calm, collected, polite, intelligent, and every bit the professional in his manner of dress, his speech, and overall behaviour. He gives off the impression of being *too* cold and professional sometimes, and to people who don't know him well, it
might seem like he doesn't care about others - only his job. This is far from the truth. Tseng has a conscience, and he doesn't ignore it, though he has had to make quite a few ethical compromises on account of his career. He is a responsible man, and feels
obligated to watch out for his employees in particular.