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28 August 2006 @ 12:10 am
Character Applications  
Please respond to this entry with your character applications. They will be screened until accepted.
sisyphean on September 9th, 2006 10:03 pm (UTC)
Xander II
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Brief Personality: Xander is, despite the way he comes across, an easy person to get along with, provided you don't tend toward large amounts of bullshit and histrionics. He's practical, willing to wait for what he wants, and fairly intelligent. He doesn't have much patience for something that isn't worth it, so on the day to day things, he comes across as demanding and almost impossible to please at times. However, when it's worthwhile, he'll put his time and back into accomplishing a goal.

Possessive almost to a fault, if Xander has decided that something or someone warrants his special attention, he doesn't like other people to come to the same conclusion. He can easily get jealous and despite the fact that he's a grown man he will get back at you if he feels you're stepping on his toes. His temper is quick but not particularly lethal; he generally becomes more annoyed than actually angry, and he likes to solve problems as they come along. So, if you irritate him, he'll irritate you right back and then move on with his life.

He's emotional and doesn't see any shame in it, but that doesn't mean he'll go around crying every time you make him upset. He won't, however, leave any questions as to how he's feeling about something except under two circumstances: he's dealing with his daughter, or he's on the job. Both require more delicacy than he's prone to doling out on day-to-day issues.

-Brief Background: Xander didn't have the best childhood. Growing up in the slums of Midgar saw to that, but so did his mother. After his little sister was born and his dad ran off, she turned to alcohol and frequently smacked him and him and his little brother around because they resembled, and therefore would turn out like, their father. Being the oldest, Xander did what he could to keep the woman away from his siblings, especially his little sister, but it didn't always work.

He resented having to take care of people when he was barely old enough to be taking care of himself, and he sometimes ran with the wrong crowd. Lying, stealing, and doing to occasional shifty deal on the side brought back enough money to keep them living in what passed for a house, as well as pay for school supplies and clothes, but it did a lot to make Xander a hard, unforgiving person. He did business in the lower levels of Midgar, dealing in weaponry because that's what was in demand, and slowly made a name for himself as he got older.

When he landed a position in a weapons company that rivaled Shinra, he started taking in a decent, dependable paycheck and he moved his family the hell out of Midgar. He set them up in Junon, where his siblings got jobs and helped pay rent and take care of their declining, alcoholic mother. Xander's visits were few and far between, and it seemed like every time he stopped in to check on them, he ended up sporting some new wound, physical or emotional, from his mother.

They couldn't trust her to live alone and not kill herself, so as time went on and the kids started earning more money, they got a bigger house. Anything to put more space between her and them, even if it was only a few rooms. When Marcus got married, he moved out, leaving the brunt of the responsibility on Angela.