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28 August 2006 @ 12:10 am
Character Applications  
Please respond to this entry with your character applications. They will be screened until accepted.
King Nothing: Turkscobra7455 on September 7th, 2006 03:32 am (UTC)
Profile: Livonya Simón (Version 2.0) cont.
(Sorry, I forgot about getting rid of the paragraph, I still write in Notepad. ^^;)

-Brief Personality: As said before, Livonya has a content look on life. She always got her job done and stuck at it no matter how tough things got, it's how she got through Soldier training. As well as being determined, Livonya is also friendly to others, though she doesn't go out of her way to make friends, she will try after meeting someone. However, she does have her dark side that lurks out after enough teasing and taunting, but most of the time that involves shrill shouting. She's tried to control her anger but it mostly gets her in trouble so she's learned to be more laid back.

She's never tried to get into personal relationships although people have tried. It's not that she's not wanted one but that she never felt the right kind of connection she believes she'll feel with that one person.
-Brief Background: Livonya was born as the daughter of a blacksmith. She lived with her parents on a peninsula on the western continent all throughout her childhood, though she was home schooled by a tutor. Although she enjoyed her life she always craved the outside world and knew that there was always something more out there. After witnessing a tight-rope act at the Golden Saucer, Livonya wanted to become a gymnast. Her parents paid for an instructor to come out and teach her.

Livonya caught on quickly and soon was traveling and competing in competitions all across the continent. At one of the competitions, one her parents were at, a martial arts instructor saw her and noticed potential for the young girl. With having family over there her parents agreed that she could study over in Wutai if she wanted. Of course she jumped at the opportunity as soon as it was presented. Before leaving her father gave her a sword that and ancient smith master gave to him as a last wish. After that she and her mother traveled to Wutai.

Upon arrival in Wutai, Livonya (age 10 now) began training as well as schooling over at the pagoda. She continued with her training until the great war came to Wutai and the battle front was right outside. Livonya saw what they were up against and was just in awe of the spectacle that was Sephiroth. She saw how he led the troops and fought relentlessly to overcome the odds. Shortly after that she was taken back home, at which she informed her parents that she was going to join Soldier and become great. Not pleased with her decision her parents forbade her to go and do such a thing. But with as ambitious as Livonya was she left in the middle of the night with all her gil, a couple of days worth of clothes, and her sword. She never saw her parents again.

Now 17 Livonya made it to Junon and joined up with Soldier on the great coastal city. She easily made it in with her endurance and determined attitude but then caught some flack from the other Soldiers. But she held her own and decided to play it their way. At every event that her troop took part in she led the pack. Never thinking twice about whether or not it really mattered. She just wanted to show them that she was capable and just as good as they were. Little did she know that while going through the Soldier training and various missions that she was being tested and after her fourth year in the program she was selected to begin Turk training.

After training in that program for three years she was brought into a squad to help out with Shinra's plan for the world. Livonya is still a rookie, young, and is just trying to do what she can to help the Turks out. She still has not seen or talked to her parents.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Skills: Her main skill is her ability to flex and stretch and to use this in combat. Livonya's skill with her sword is slightly above average while her use of firearms excelled with rifle and long-range shooting.
-Occupation [if any]: Member of the Turks, Secondary team.
-Weapon(s)[if any]: Her personal sword, Masemura, a company issued sniper rifle, and company issued handgun.
-Fighting style [if any]: Livonya has adopted her own style that is comprised of a mix of different fighting styles she learned in Wutai and while in Soldier.