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25 October 2006 @ 09:42 pm
Date: Day One
Time: 8 A.M.
Place: Shinra HQ, Junon
Characters: Maddie, and anyone else who wants to join.
Status: Open
Rating: PG for now

Briefcase in one hand and coffee in the other, Madelynn Noventa shouldered her way into her office and flipped the light on with her elbow. Eight o'clock. Right on time. Being Vice President of a major corporation meant she could juggle time some, but she rarely took advantage. Being on time was fine, being early was suicide. Her life wasn't her work. It was just a major part of it.

Depositing her things on her desk, she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and leaned over to boot her computer. Paperwork was light today, but meetings weren't. She had many proposals she needed to follow up with and a things she needed to run past Rufus. In the past two years she'd found him reasonable enough, if it meant it benefited the company. Which, as President, she couldn't fault him.

Dropping into the chair, she rubbed her nylon clad knee absently. "Only two more months and the Shinra building in Midgar will be ready."

It'd be nice to relocate. Midgar needed the intervention and it was larger than Junon. She would also be closer to family.

Pursing her lips, she clicked her e-mail icon. It was going to be a busy day. She already had 15 new mails, all work related except one that was from family.

She'd read the one from family first.

fire_llama on October 27th, 2006 01:01 am (UTC)
He'd been there for hours. Literally hours. Of course, that was his own fault, and Lori wasn't one to complain. After all, if he'd wanted to be gone, he would have simply left after everyone else turned the lights off and went home. However, he was in hiding. From what? Well, that was best left unmentioned, even in the mind.

Lord only knew what was spying on brains these days.

Running long, almost skeletal fingers nervously down the face of a particularly loud tie with polka dots, he hummed under his breath and bobbed his head in greeting to the few people who passed him by. Most were in their offices starting on their days, which was what he should be doing by all rights. However, he'd started on his day about... a week ago. He'd taken to sleeping in his office, using the gym showers, and washing his clothes on the sly. Once, he'd even made a run to the low-cost department store for more ties and underwear because, well, a man couldn't be too prepared.

And he really was in hiding. If those crazy women tried to --

No, he wasn't going there. He was mildly surprised to hear a somewhat high-pitched laugh go bouncing off the empty halls, until he realized it was his own. Well, he must've been letting off nerves unconsciously. Best to do that kind of thing and not pay too much mind to it.

He ignored the somewhat skeptical looks that were shot toward him through open office doors, and instead smoothed a hand down his cap of sleek blond hair. He'd showered and brushed, hadn't he? Well, it felt like it. And he was sure he'd brushed his teeth.

But he didn't feel like being alone, and that was why he gripped a folder stuffed to bursting with scraps of paper that made sense to no one but himself as he made his way down the hallway. When he reached the elevator, he stepped inside, absently humming along to the tune that had been playing in his head for most of the morning.

It was a good thing he kept his keycard on him at all times. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to do this kind of thing.

Lifting a hand in a cheerful wave as soon as he stepped out of the elevator, he chirped, "Morning!" and skirted past the mostly unbothered secretary.

Ah-hah! he thought. There she was, just getting ready to start her day.

Perching himself on the corner of her desk, Lori set his folder down with little flourish and grinned. "Morning, Maddie. Fine day, isn't it? I think I might even go outside today." Deciding that was rather an odd comment, he tapped one finger to his chin and amended, "For longer than it takes to dash to my car, anyway. Don't you look fresh this morning."
Nokistuffgoesboom on November 2nd, 2006 08:14 pm (UTC)
Jaelle hated mornings. Despised them, even. Though, she had to admit that at least she'd had a worthwhile night out and was lucky that she didn't have a nasty hangover. It also helped that she liked her job. She just would rather that she didn't have to show up at this particular hour in the morning. She swore, she'd driven here on her motorcycle while she was still asleep, and her body had been operating under some sort of programmed auto-pilot.

Her hair was still wild, and she had to put her hand on the wall and fumble along to get to her office. A quick trip to her bathroom, and she splashed some hot water on her face. A minute later, she splashed cold water, too. The contrast between temperatures helped to wake her up, and one of her staff had the consideration to bring her a cup of coffee.

Mumbling her thanks, Jaelle had some of the coffee and collected her bearings. There was something she was going to pop by Maddie's office for, but she needed to wake up a little more in order to remember just what it was.