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28 August 2006 @ 12:10 am
Character Applications  
Please respond to this entry with your character applications. They will be screened until accepted.
(Anonymous) on August 31st, 2006 08:07 am (UTC)
Shotgun Turk: II
((Note to self: get an OOC journal.))
-Personality: When first talking to her, one might mistake Alethia for something other than a Turk. She’s a very friendly person and easy to get along with, despite some of her elitist views. Part of it comes from her very clear distinction of where the job ends and her personal life begins, and part of it comes from being a very impulsive person.

She has a very strong sense of morals and friendship, possibly best illustrated when she befriended a certain flower girl after rescuing from several waves of attacks from AVALANCHE, then promptly challenged Tseng to a fight in order to buy Aerith time to escape and get home, despite knowing almost nothing about her. It’s gotten her hurt more than once, but she shows no sign of changing in that area. Of course, she’ll deny that she’s any kind of ‘hero’ until her face is blue, but the instant she thinks someone’s in trouble, she’s out the door.

Alethia’s a very flashy person, constantly trying to outdo herself and find bigger challenges. Small jobs that she considers unimportant interest her very little, as she’ll let anyone nearby know. Several times. In minutes. This doesn’t mean that she won’t do it, however. The only times she’s disobeyed orders was when good friends were involved, or when she felt that she could accomplish the overall mission goals better her way. This has lead to some severe disciplinary action in the past, but to date, she still hasn’t learned that lesson.

She has a bad habit of spouting off embarrassingly cheesy lines that sound like they belong in a children’s television show. How she manages to say these things with a straight face is something that no one’s quite figured out.

Also. Catching her before her daily dosage of caffeine generally leads to very unpleasant encounters.

-Background: Alethia was born to a very wealthy family in the town of Mideel. They’d made their fortune off of the hot springs there, and this enabled them to raise the girl however they liked. At a very early age, she showed an interest in hunting, and spent years mastering it. She became famous as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, hunters on the planet, able to track animals in nearly every terrain and kill them with a single shot. However, she was always pushing herself for the next biggest challenge.

It was a surprise for her when she was approached to join the Turks, but she immediately agreed. After training, she came into action right as the terrorist organization known as AVALANCHE appeared again. She and the other Turks clashed with them many times over the course of the next three years, until Alethia was sent into a coma due to shock and a nearly lethal exposure to low levels of mako during the destruction of the Corel Mako Reactor. She awoke three years later and spent the next few months making life hell for the Turks trying to play doctor.

A year later, things finally came to a head in the conflict between AVALANCHE and the Turks. The mad scientist, Fuhito, summoned the ultimate summon, Zirconiade. Alethia and the other Turks barely survived the following battle, but they succeeded in saving the world. A year later, Shin-Ra fell apart as Meteor descended. Alethia was one of the Turks who evacuated Midgar, and she spent the next year recovering at home, having managed to convince herself that her career as a Turk was over. When she was asked to come back, she practically jumped at the opportunity, having been bored out of her skull.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Skills: Most anything related to being a Turk. She utterly fails at intimidation, unless she beats someone over the head with the reputation of the Turks. Or unless coffee is involved. She’s also an excellent tracker and sniper, and very skilled with a shotgun.
-Occupation [if any]: Member of Turk Team 1.
-Weapon(s) [if any]: Custom-made shotgun, several knives, and a smattering of martial arts skills she’s picked up over the years of working with the Turks. She’s surprisingly brutal and strong during a fight, and is still considered the king of a fighting club in Costa del Sol. To this day, she thanks her lucky stars that Rude hasn’t thought of coming there.