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28 August 2006 @ 12:10 am
Character Applications  
Please respond to this entry with your character applications. They will be screened until accepted.
Autumn Ashesautumnashes on September 12th, 2006 04:26 pm (UTC)
Application: Head of Science Dept.
Player Information

Name/Alias // Shell
Age // 24
Gender // Female
E-mail address // silyrinth@aol.com

Character Information

Name // Meredith Riker Skylar (goes by 'Riker' formally, 'Rick' in the informal)
Age // 31
Birthday // May 15
Birthplace // Junon
Gender // Male

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mother // Eselda Skylar, a very famous (in certain circles) dominatrix, known for her very popular women's seminars on sexuality.
Father // Archibald Skylar, "Archie Skye", the owner of a very large and widespread chain of themed, upscale strip clubs.
Siblings // Jacob Skylar (38) brother, lead singer in the popular rock band Bleeding Heart, currently well known to be an alcoholic, cheating husband, and due in court soon for his 8th unlicensed DUI; Aemilia Skylar (36) sister, now releasing her twelfth priced-to-own adult movie collection; Anya & Alia (26, twins) sisters, very popular stripping pair in Archie Skye's Junon-based main strip club, The Golden Goose.

Marital status // Single
Children // None
Pets // A Chia Pet. It's the only pet he doesn't have to remember to feed, and he often forgets to water that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Eyes // Very light brown
Height // 5 feet 9 inches
Weight // 134#
Hair color/style His hair isn't long, but he's missed a trim or two. It's a bit shaggy, still kept neat, and is a deep auburn.
Complexion Golden/olive; hispanic origin

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Distinguishing marks // None
Build // He's a healthy weight, but he's got little to no muscle and has the stereotypical Mad Scientist thin look.
Voice // Rick's voice is in a medium range, with the very often used potential to hit high pitches when in distress, irritation, surprise, etc.
Clothes // He's a neat and tidy guy, with glasses, tie and labcoat. He usually makes sure to wear nice slacks and a shirt when at work, and whatever he happens to throw on the rest of the time. He has utterly no discernable 'style'.
General Appearance // He has a perpetual surprised expression, as if he's always coming to some new conclusion he hasn't thought of before, and tends to be labeled spacey, scatterbrained, or a combination thereof. He's a nice guy, good looking enough, but much better looking without the glasses or labcoat.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brief Personality // Rick's a rebel, by which I mean he's the only member of his family to have four different college degrees and absolutely no background in the sex industry (unless you count the odd contraptions his sisters call 'toys' and always get him for Christmas; They're all still in their boxes in his closet because he feels bad throwing them away but really can't find a good use for them other than paperweights). He genuinely loves science and learning, spicy food, video games, and basketball. Most people think his personality is better fitted for a seventeen-year-old than somebody in his thirties, but that's only because he's just not as jaded as most people his age. With his background, he's very hard to faze and has almost never been uncomfortable in any situation others might find unbearable.

Autumn Ashesautumnashes on September 12th, 2006 04:27 pm (UTC)
Application: Head of Science Dept, Part II

Brief Background // Rick started out his rebellious career early, being skipped two grades when he was only seven and winning a county-wide math competition against students four years his senior. His brother and sisters were bringing home the boyfriends and girlfriends, and he spent his time bringing home awards and academic competition trophies. He had a very uneventful life (as far as trauma goes), and has a very caring and loving family in spite of their unconventional career choices. When he decided he wanted to attend the highest ranked university on the continent his parents shelled out the money without question, most of which he was pleased to be able to return to them when he recieved numerous scholarships throughout his academic career. He started working for a biomedical company in their research department fresh out of college, but his research proved to be too advanced for their resources. He began working for ShinRa just after Advent Children's events, in their science department, and was promoted to head of the department a year previous to the current timeline when his predecessor retired.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Skills // Rick has a lot, but his specialty is cooking and baking.
Occupation [if any] // Head of the Science Department
Weapon(s)[if any] // No regular weapons, but if he really needs one he'll borrow one from the test units.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Note // Rick's primary research is in the field of 'biological weapons' for defensive purposes. His current pet projects include the creation of a defensive unit in the form of an android (still in its testing stages to flesh out the newly installed A.I.) and the development of androids using organic materials as well as implantation of artificial weaponry in human subjects. These last two projects are coming along somewhat slowly, as he is paying strict attention to the ethical treatment of specimens in the former and taking only volunteer subjects in the latter.

Autumn Ashesautumnashes on September 12th, 2006 04:29 pm (UTC)
Application: Head of Science Dept., Part III
There was a clanking noise echoing through the otherwise silent halls of the Science Department, not an unusual occurrance given the frequency with which devoted scientists stayed late to work on their pet projects. Tonight, though, the clanking was accompanied by two male voices, both singing somewhat off-key in the fashion of people who are only half paying attention to what's coming out of their mouths.

"The thing-a-ma-jig's connected to the whatsit," Deputy Head Brandis sang to the tune of 'Dem Bones, giving what looked like a random wire a jab into place in a small circuit box.

"The whatsit's connected to the thing-a-ma-bob," Rick continued on his turn, giving another seemingly random piece a twist with his wrench.

"The thing-a-ma-bob's connected to the whosit..."

"The whosit's connected to the... this-thing-I-haven't-come-up-with-a-name-for yet..."

Brandis looked at Rick over the top of the object they were working in, frowning. It took Rick a moment to realise their vocal stride had been broken, and he returned the glance.

"You missed your line," he pointed out.

"Nah, you killed the flow," Brandis answered, checking his watch. "Almost midnight. I think we should give it a rest for the night."

Rick gave a small grunt and hauled his legs out from under the pod they were working on. At least, to an outsider it looked like a pod. To him, it was a housing unit for his recharging little princess, his crowning achievement if he could ever get her to work. A completed android with a nearly complete A.I....the future of defense. No more losing good men to war or street violence when soldiers or police had to be called in. This baby was going to change the world someday.

"So, you decide what you're going to name her?" Brandis asked, packing away his tools into his kit and pulling himself off the floor. "Going to need a Christening. Bad luck to not have a Christening."

"A.I.O.N.I.O.S.," Rick answered without hesitation. "Aoin for short."

Brandis looked at him with noncoherence clear on his face.

"Artificially Intelligent Observational Networked Internally Ordered System," Rick clarified. "Aionios is Greek for 'Everlasting'. Aoin is another form, it means 'Eternal'."

That Brandis could wrap his mind around. The two of them talked amiably as they cleaned up their mess and walked to the exit together. When they reached it, Rick heaved a sigh and announced he'd left his car keys, and after a brief goodbye they parted. Then, when he was sure Brandis was gone, he returned to his office and booted the computer back up.

He had coffee, he had candy, and he had six hours of peace and quiet before anybody else came into work. His princess's AI still needed some tweaking.

Jenqueenofhearts on September 13th, 2006 07:38 am (UTC)
Re: Application: Head of Science Dept., Part III
Approved! He's cute. XD
Lizz: Bloodied Linkbrokenbrawler on September 12th, 2006 04:57 pm (UTC)
August Kincaid
App for the other Turk Team's secretary. Bah, I was too late for Tseng.
Would have applied sooner, but you know... wedding, honeymoon, etc.

--Player Information

-Name/Alias: Lizz
-Age: 27
-Gender: F
-E-mail address: griffin.rider@gmail.com
-AIM: LeviathanIse
-MSN: leviathan_ise@hotmail.com
-YM: n/a

--Character Information

-Name: August Kincaid
-Age: 28
-Birthday: October 6th
-Birthplace: Mideel
-Gender: M

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Mother: Penelope Kincaid (deceased)
-Father: Randal Kincaid
-Siblings: Pasha Kincaid (30), a nurse in Mideel
-Marital status: single
-Children: none
-Pets: his beloved dog Dulcinea resides with his father in Mideel

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Eyes: cognac amber
-Height: 5'10"
-Weight: 166lb
-Hair color/style: sandy platinum, touseled, landing just over the tops of his ears
-Complexion: lightly bronzed

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Distinguishing marks: a small hairline scar on the left side of his chin
-Build: broad shouldered, but quite lithe
-Voice: August's voice is surprisingly gentle and mild, sometimes a bit whisperish. When the need arises, he can command a confident voice that travels well.
-Clothes: For work he wears a simple white button down, black tie and charcoal slacks. Has a long, thick black coat he wears for chilly nights on the town.
Off work he can be found in a black button down shirt and broken in blue jeans. Has a thick chain on his wallet.
-General Appearance: With the exception of his somewhat messy bed-head hair, August is quite tidy and cleans up well. He can seem a bit mousey and quiet, but he's not a total wall flower.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Brief Personality: He is quiet, polite and professional. Ten years away from home has really changed him. He no longer deals with a bad temper or agressive tendencies. He's matured a lot. He is very absorbed in his career and does not have many friends. Even fewer girlfriends, he has barely dated at all since leaving Mideel. He's very insecure around women, though not unexperienced.

-Brief Background: August had a relatively normal childhood in Mideel until he was about twelve years old. He lost his mother to a cancer-like illness. After her passing, he became a bit of a scrapper and trouble maker. His father and big sister stepped in to help curb his angry tendencies, but he still had a temper. Martial Arts training helped discipline him a little, but he was kicked out after hurting too many of the other kids.
Towards the end of high school, he became engaged to his long-time girlfriend, but before graduation she broke up with him. Depressed, angry and bored of Mideel's tiny community, he ventured into Midgar and joined Shinra. After his tour of duty as a low-ranking troop, he became involved in the corporate functions of Shinra.
A survivor of Meteor, he was moved to the Junon offices.
Lizz: Bloodied Linkbrokenbrawler on September 12th, 2006 04:58 pm (UTC)
August Kincaid (part2)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Skills: Excellent with computers and other electronics & has had some minimal combat training from his time in Shinra's military.
-Occupation [if any]: Turk Team 1 Secretary
-Weapon(s)[if any]: an ancient, broken sword of Wutainese origin. It's deceptively sharp and strong for an antique. It's an antique he keeps at home and only takes it with him when he goes out at night. Since he is only a secretary at Shinra Inc, he does not carry it with him to work.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Third person writing sample:

"Here's the new one. No witnesses."

The stark white sheaf of papers hit the desk in front of him. August raised his head, watching the employee blow past his desk. No witnesses meant a harder case. A harder case made irritable turks. He reached over and slid the papers in front of him.

"She's a Jane Doe too?" August acknowledged, gleaning information off the index page. "How do you-- " He choked on his own question as he peeled the cover page back. His stomach pitched and his head swam in a nauseating ocean that turned him completely upside down.

He'd seen worse than this before; a slashed throat, a mid section torn open, an arm hacked off. The bloodied woman stared up at the photographer with a cold, dead stare. He had seen this woman gored in his nightmare last night. How could this be? He gasped for air as a sudden tightening in his stomach startled him. The other employee returned with a cup of water in his hands.

"You all right, Kincaid?"

August let himself fall out of his chair, sat on his knees over the trash can next to his desk and heaved.

"Aw shit, man..." The employee whined and walked off at a quick pace to find something to help clean the mess up with.
Jenqueenofhearts on September 13th, 2006 07:39 am (UTC)
Re: August Kincaid (part2)
Approved! Yay, a male secretary!
Lizz: Battle Ready Linkbrokenbrawler on September 13th, 2006 04:06 pm (UTC)
Re: August Kincaid (part2)
Lizz: Linkbrokenbrawler on September 12th, 2006 05:45 pm (UTC)
Solider: Lariat Ashcraft
--Player Information

-Name/Alias: Lizz
-Age: 27
-Gender: F
-E-mail address: griffin.rider@gmail.com
-AIM: LeviathanIse
-MSN: leviathan_ise@hotmail.com
-YM: n/a

--Character Information

-Name: Lariat Ashcraft
-Age: 25
-Birthday: January 13th
-Birthplace: Gongaga
-Gender: Female

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Mother: unknown (thinks her mothers name may have been Lorna)
-Father: unknown
-Siblings: unknown
-Marital status: single
-Children: none
-Pets: none

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Eyes: bright teal, with a hint of mako glow
-Height: 5'4"
-Weight: 132lb
-Hair color/style: white blonde hair that is layered and falls haphazardly to the tops of her shoulder blades
-Complexion: pale bisque

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Distinguishing marks: Has some varying scarring on her right forearm as well as a burn spot on her lower back, right side. She also has a prosthetic leg that starts at her right knee.
-Build: 5'5", 119lb, slight and petite
-Voice: raspy and shrill almost all the time, is said to have a laugh like a 'mouse on crack'
-Clothes: a Soldier's uniform - when off duty, she wears a short jacket that is made of swatches of black and dark brown leather, under this she wears a white tank top and a black vest with a tie front. Her pants are worn black leather and hang low on her hips. She has sturdy black work boots. Lariat wouldn't be caught dead in anything resembling a skirt or dress. She is never without pants, even in hot weather.

-General Appearance: Not much to say when she's in uniform. In full uniform and helmet, she looks like everyone else, just a little smaller. When off duty, she looks a bit rough around the edges. She's a bit of a biker chick.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Brief Personality: When she's with her friends and comrades, she is unapologetically loud and animated, sometimes annoyingly so. When she is on duty she is very serious. With strangers, she can be untrusting, quiet and very reserved.

-Brief Background: Lariat was an orphan in Gongaga until a nice older man named Charlie took her in. He became her surrogate "Uncle". Charlie's trading and merchant business took off and they moved to Midgar. Lariat only made average marks in school. Her uncle was stern and gruff with her, but very busy. By her early teen years, Lariat wasn't keeping very good company. When Charlie's business started to suffer, she took to pickpocketing and stealing. She was arrested just before her seventeenth birthday. During her time in juvenile detention, officers presented her with a deal. If she participated in an experimental program with Shinra, her sentence would be lessened. She took it and entered Shinra's boot camp.
At first, she only did the minimum of what was required of her, but by the end of her first year in the program, she began to enjoy the challenges the military provided. Two years in, she entered Soldier. No sooner was she entered into Soldier when Meteor came down. She lost her leg below her right knee. To her surprise, Shinra paid for her prosthetic and physical therapy. She remained with Shinra after it reformed under the new President Rufus Shinra. Currently she is applying to become a Specialist under the First Class Ranking.
Lizz: Linkbrokenbrawler on September 12th, 2006 05:47 pm (UTC)
Soldier: Lariat Ashcraft (part2)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Skills: standard hand-to-hand, pole-arm, sword and firearm training, Lariat
particularly excels in hand-to-hand and her projectiles, she is trained in the use of cure, fire, ice and lightning materia, but she rarely carries any on her person due to her extremely low capacity for magic ability. It's difficult for her to use materia and when she does, she is often too drained to continue - it's a last resort. Also, she can pick a lock like no one's business. Lars is fast, dexterious and a damn good aim.

-Occupation [if any]: Soldier

-Weapon(s)[if any]: an assortment of devil's teeth, small throwing daggers, her boots sport small plates with studs on them and one of her gloves has a half-claw off the knuckles, the other has a metal bar.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Third person writing sample:

(Totally copied and pasted from my old FF7RPG stuff. I didn't change anything, so if it doesn't mesh with what's written above, don't worry about it. It's just a 'sample' right?)

"The crisp brown leaves of deciduous trees crunched underneath their heavy boots as they walked through the dark woods just North of Wutai's capital. It was so dark, visibility was reduced to only ten feet, but the batteries in the lantern were dying. In another hour, they wouldn't have anything at all.

There were four of them. It was a small group, the smallest that was allowed in fact, but they were enough. Commander Dothmire was formidable on his own and he was backed by three First Class Soldiers. Following close behind him was Ben Marx, then Lariat Ashcraft with Seth Leir taking up the rear. The four of them had been dispatched as scouts to track the movements of the resistance and find the Liberation Camp. They knew it was in the forest, but the forest was quite large. It could take months to locate it. They were to rendevous with their sister unit, Obsidian, and head back to base.

Lariat could see her breath. The autumn night air was cold. The days were still relatively warm if the sun was out, but the nights in Da Chao were very chilly. She reached up and unbuckled the strap that ran under her chin. She hated helmets. The silhouettes of the tops of the trees were barely visible against dark blue sky. One tree stood much taller, much fuller then the rest. They walked single file straight towards it, following the path. She hesitated.

Something didn't feel right. They should have met up with the Obsidian Unit, a while ago. She was sure the others were thinking the same thing. With the Commander and Ben nearly out of sight, she quickened her pace to catch up with them."
Jenqueenofhearts on September 13th, 2006 07:41 am (UTC)
Re: Soldier: Lariat Ashcraft (part2)
Approved! Our first soldier. XD
Lizz: Linkbrokenbrawler on September 13th, 2006 02:37 pm (UTC)
Re: Soldier: Lariat Ashcraft (part2)
prez_blondie on September 12th, 2006 11:46 pm (UTC)
Wandee, pt. 1
--Player Information

-Name/Alias: Nik
-Age: 30
-Gender: F
-E-mail address: nikrrr[at]gmail.com
-AIM: nikrrr

--Character Information

-Name: Wandee Dane
-Age: 38 or 39
-Birthday: (estimate) 29 October
-Birthplace:Raised in Cosmo Canyon by adoptive parents; real birthplace unknown
-Gender: F

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Mother: (adoptive) Marshelle Jones
-Father: (adoptive) Frederick Jones
-Siblings: Two: Brady (M, 34) and Renee (F, 27). They are her adoptive parents' biological children.
-Marital status: Divorced (twice)
-Children: None
-Pets: None

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Eyes: Light golden brown
-Height: 5'8"
-Weight: 195
-Hair color/style: Shoulder/one-length bob, all spiral curls.
-Complexion: Medium brown

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Distinguishing marks: A Cosmo Canyon tribal tattoo that covers her back.
-Build: She's a definite plus-sized woman with the bulk of her weight in her hips and chest.
-Voice: Husky, quiet alto
-Clothes: For work, business suits, but always with pants. Casual, she likes plain t-shirts or long-sleeved, comfortable sweaters and worn (but not sloppy) jeans.
-General Appearance: Well groomed and youthful.
prez_blondie on September 12th, 2006 11:47 pm (UTC)
Wandee, pt. 2
-Brief Personality: No-nonsense and often brisk. A good team leader and also very proud of her team. She is very open to new ideas and others' thoughts. She is a true friend to anyone she finds interesting. She finds it very hard to trust others and places a great deal of importance on the family. She also loves learning and is extremely intelligent, especially in the realm of human development.

-Brief Background: Wandee was adopted from Child Welfare Services when she was a baby of unknown age. Her adoptive parents loved children and started their family with a child less fortunate. From a very young age Wandee showed interest in land development, starting with heavy equipment cultivating the land and moving on to the intricacies of fiscal planning. Right after graduating school she went to college for multiple degrees in Economics, Sociology, and Planning, eventually earning a PhD in Architecture.

Wandee has been married twice--both times to men who eventually betrayed her trust by taking up with other women. Her confidence is waning when it comes to finding her 'soulmate.' She avoids social situations now, instead drawing up and detailing many plans for an improved Midgar.

Wandee is also an accomplished cook, and during college worked as a seasonal line chef at a Costa del Sol resort.

Wandee does NOT like being called Dr. Dane. She prefers just plain Wandee.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Skills: Zoning, planning, architecture, landscaping, cooking
-Occupation [if any]: Head of Urban Development
-Weapon(s)[if any]: N/A

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Third person writing sample:

There was an invitation to lunch casually tossed over the shoulder of one of her departing co-workers.

"Meet us at Ricardo's if you want to get some lunch," Bonnie had said as she followed the others out of the office.

Wandee hadn't bothered to take her up on it. Personal interaction was not something she excelled at these days. Instead, she spent her time working on projects.

It was typical for her to be the only one working over the lunch hour. She didn't have to, but she enjoyed it. It was really the only time where she had some peace and quiet from the kids she had on her team. She could have her own office; the President had offered her one. Wandee didn't like to be separated from her co-workers, though. It made it difficult for them to approach her, she thought. No one liked to go up to the boss' office and knock on the door.


Wandee's head snapped up from where she'd been hunched over her drafting table. The kids were back, and the newest employee was in front, holding out a styrofoam container. "We picked you up something, you know, doesn't seem like you ever eat these days," he grinned.

"Yeah? Then how do you explain these?" She asked, patting a hip under her desk. Brian laughed and shook his head.

"Wow," Bonnie said, peering over her shoulder at the plans she'd been working on. "That looks really cool."

Wandee smiled briefly and shook her head. "You guys better settle down and get some work done. I don't have any qualms with holding you over quitting time."

There were a few chuckles as they got back to work; everyone knew she didn't mess around. She took a moment to look over her workroom before getting back to her own plans, unable to keep herself from smiling at her team--her kids.
Jenqueenofhearts on September 13th, 2006 07:43 am (UTC)
Re: Wandee, pt. 2
Approved! Your characters always rock. I get a kick out of seeing what you come up with. They're so unique and 'real'.
dr_wandee on September 13th, 2006 09:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Wandee, pt. 2
Aww, thanks!
marcus_knox on September 17th, 2006 11:59 am (UTC)
Marcus Knox
--Player Information

-Name/Alias: Jen
-Age: 28
-Gender: Female
-E-mail address: errand_monkey@yahoo.com
-AIM: InoFan
-YM: gothronicus

--Character Information

-Name: Marcus Knox
-Age: 33
-Birthday: February 19th
-Birthplace: Midgar
-Gender: Male

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Mother: Emma
-Father: Richard
-Siblings: Judy (38), Eric (36), and David (42)
-Marital status: Single
-Children: None
-Pets: None

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Eyes: Brown
-Height: 6'2"
-Weight: 200 lbs
-Hair color/style: Dark brown, cut in a shaggy-wavy style that often covers one eye.
-Complexion: Tanned

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Distinguishing marks: Tattoo of a serpent-like dragon in vibrant colors on his back.
-Build: Tall, trim, but well-muscled. He doesn't look as sculpted as he is until his shirt is off.
-Voice: Deep, quiet, and calm. You won't hear him yell, even when angry.
-Clothes: For his job, he wears slacks and button down shirts. Otherwise, he can be found in jeans, t-shirts, etc. Anything comfortable. He favors dark colors.
-General Appearance: He comes across as very calm and deep. He doesn't talk often and because of that, people aren't really certain what he's thinking. Combined with his appearance - unsmiling, sharp angular jaw, tall - he can be very off-putting without ever intending to. Generally, people think of a 'gentle giant' if they get to know him well enough.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Brief Personality: Calm, quiet, and extremely easy-going. He rarely, rarely gets truly angry. Even as a bouncer he would take insults without reacting and simply throw people out without changing facial expressions. Because of this it's very hard to tell what he's thinking; but looking serious doesn't necessarily mean he always is.

Though you wouldn't know it because he isn't very communicative, he is actually intelligent with a love of reading and learning random facts. This seems to dominate more than being extremely emotional, so he isn't really one to express what he's feeling openly. Growing up with older siblings and being the youngest led him to learn that being quiet was often more beneficial.

He's very dependable and responsible, as well as independent. His parents were more lacadasial with his raising and so he found himself doing more /for/ himself than he otherwise might have. Because of this reliability, friends often come to him when they need things - advice, money, a shoulder to lean on, etc. And because he is actually very caring about those he /cares/ for, he never seems to mind or deny them.
marcus_knox on September 17th, 2006 11:59 am (UTC)
Marcus part 2

-Brief Background: He grew up the youngest of four children in a middle class family. His childhood was relatively predictable and he found it easier to retreat and remain quiet in order to avoid the attention of his older siblings. Both parents were a constant, steady source, but his mother was more open than his father.

At 15 he took a job at a packing plant in Midgar and set the tone for the physical shape he would later have. He also did odd jobs, including book-working and secretarial work (because his boss was too lazy to do it himself) which gave him the experience to apply for his current job. Besides these, he has also worked as a short-order cook, a bookstore clerk, a florist, a roofer, a carpenter, and before applying at Shinra a bouncer.

He isn't particularly one to like change in his life, but he does get enjoyment out of switching his jobs now and again. This lead him to leave the job as a bouncer and apply at Shinra when Rufus re-opened for positions in Junon. And while a secretary, he could just as easily be an impromptu bodyguard.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Skills: Cooking, typing, sewing (his mother made him help her sew), building things, figuring puzzles out rather quickly, and arranging flowers.
-Occupation: Secretary to the President
-Weapon(s): No real weapon. Just fights with his fists.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Third person writing sample:

Shifting his coffee cup around an enormous stack of papers, Marcus Knox eyed the itinerary set up for Rufus for the next month. The boss was going to be a busy man for quite a long time. And somehow he was supposed to squeeze in another appointment within the next week.

Whatever he had to do to make it happen, however, he would. It was what Rufus wanted and whatever the boss wanted happened. It wasn't up to him to decide what was important or what wasn't except in terms of scheduling. This apparently was dire enough to need to be somewhat immediate.

Expression steady, he mentally calculated when and where it would fit in best while scribbling himself a note about what needed to be done later. He had groceries to pick up after work and a package to mail to his mother. She wanted certain threads that couldn't be found in Midgar.

Glancing at the photograph of his family together on the edge of his desk, he realized he missed them. He needed to visit after he accrued some vacation time. Of his family members, he was the only one who had left Midgar and the visiting always seemed to fall to him. None of them ever came to Junon.

But he supposed he didn't mind. His apartment wasn't big enough to accommodate them anyway.

sisyphean on October 3rd, 2006 08:27 pm (UTC)
--Player Information

-Name/Alias: Brit
-Age: 18
-Gender: Female
-E-mail address: magetastic@hotmail.com
-AIM: hinacha
-MSN: magetastic@hotmail.com
-YM: beautifulkunoichi

--Character Information

-Name: Loris Ninauari
-Age: 28
-Birthday: June 20
-Birthplace: Cosmo Canyon
-Gender: Male

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Mother: Tahira Ninauari (deceased)
-Father: Merrick Rycroft
-Siblings: Amaris Rohan (28) Umeko Rycroft (28)
-Marital status: Single
-Children: None
-Pets: A lot of tropical fish. None of them have names.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Eyes: Blue
-Height: 6'
-Weight: 149 lbs
-Hair color/style: Blond / Sleek, straight, and cut in a blunt style that reaches mid-cheek at longest.
-Complexion: Pale

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-Distinguishing marks: A very wide mouth?
-Build: Tall and lanky. Lori looks like he hit an extra growth spurt in his arms and legs and the rest of his body didn't cooperate.
-Voice: Slightly high-pitched for a man, especially when he's excited. Lori has amazing range, however, and sounds perfectly natural grumbling in a deep tone as well as squeaking his way across a lab room. It really just depends on what mood you catch him in.
-Clothes: Slacks, button-down shirts, and ties. He won't go the whole three-piece suit road, but he does look nice, even if his ties are somewhat... outlandish at times.
-General Appearance: Awkward. He has a pointed face, wide mouth, big teeth, and incredibly blunt hair, none of which actively lend themselves toward an image of studliness. He doesn't really care much if people find him attractive, however; he's much more concerned with what he thinks of himself than what others do. Or, at least, that's what he tells himself. He's always well put-together, his shirts are always crisp and pressed, and if something gets spilled on him... well, he has backup clothes in his office. He gives others the (accurate) impression of caring too much about how he looks, even though he considers himself suavely nonchalant about the whole thing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
sisyphean on October 3rd, 2006 08:28 pm (UTC)
-Brief Personality: Lori is just weird. He's was born in Cosmo Canyon and is the head of the Space Department, so you'd expect him to be studious and nerdy -- which he is, in a way -- but then he's not. He's cheerful and dedicated, but also prone to blasting pop music in the research facility and dancing with his subordinates. He's a healthy blend of the practical and the insane, though many wouldn't agree, and he tries to have fun where he can. Also, dancing helps him think, or so he says.

He's often smiling, but he's not necessarily happy or amused. Despite what he leads others to believe, Lori is a complex, complicated man, he just prefers not to show it. When he's troubled by something, he'll act even more cheerful than is strictly necessary, just to keep other people at arm's length. If you won't leave him alone, he will bodily shove you out of a room. He's a private man and doesn't like to share any part of him with other people, so he's carefully superficial when it comes to relationships, professional or personal.

Despite that, he seeks out interaction, and can't stand to be alone. He gets depressed easily if left alone for great periods of time, and has been known to wander into someone else's office with his research notebook, only to plunk down and blissfully ignore the other person the entire time he's researching. He just needs to be close to people, even if he's not close to them, get it?

-Brief Background: Loris was born in Cosmo Canyon amidst a scandal. His mother had slept with a man she wasn't married to, you see -- even though he was married. As well as seeing another woman on the side. That might have been forgiven, had she not known of his promiscuous habits and stayed with him anyway, going so far as to leave her home and stay in a house that he provided for her. When she became pregnant, in the same year that his other two women did, she was dismissed -- as was his other mistress -- so as to avoid personal scandal.

Hurt and feeling used, she returned to Cosmo Canyon, but wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms. She was treated with contempt by her relatives and former friends, and yet her son was accepted without question among them, despite the fact that he favored his father in looks. Bitter because she was forced to face up to her own mistakes and her son wasn't blamed along with her, leaving her with no one, she mistreated Lori for the first five years of his life. She kept him close to her, denying him the normalcy that would have been provided by the other residents of Cosmo Canyon, and shaped him into a withdrawn, solemn child.

Despite her best efforts, Lori began to wander the older he got, and he often disappeared without telling his mother where he was going. When he was six years old, she went on a solitary walk, stood on one of the canyon's walls, and threw herself from it. Because no one wanted to bother with his father, he was simply adopted into the population, and taken care of by anyone who had a moment. This style of life was healthier for him, and in time, he opened up.

Always fascinated with the thought of something else out there, he spent much of his time in the libraries poring over tomes and up in Bugenhagen's observatory. A bright child, he learned quickly, and through the combined efforts of what he came to know as his family -- all of Cosmo Canyon -- he was sent off to college in Midgar to pursue his studies. He was hired under Palmer during his days as Head of Space Development, and steadily worked his way up the ranks, until the point where Sephiroth kind of tried to destroy the world.

After that, he laid low for a while, living off his savings until a good job opportunity presented itself. When Shinra decided to rebuild, he was one of the first on the scene, despite the fact that his own father had been one of Shinra's soldiers -- injected with Jenova, and subsequently driven insane -- and he was shortly named Head of Space Development.

Now he's just getting on with his life, and trying to pretend that his two half-sisters haven't been attempting to contact him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
sisyphean on October 3rd, 2006 08:29 pm (UTC)
-Skills: Owner to a flexible mind, Lori can boast of being skilled in many areas -- or he could, if he was the boasting type. He loves mind games, as well as tackling complex problems, and has a knack for finding unconventional solutions for most problems thrown his way. Also, he's exceptionally flexible. Whenever they want someone to crawl through the vents and fix something, chances are, they grab Lori. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.
-Occupation [if any]: Head of Space Development
-Weapon(s)[if any]: He can kill you with his mind None, really. Lori is good at running. He doesn't have long legs for decoration, you know.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Third person writing sample: "Hit me baby one more time~"

Several of his assistants looked up and cringed. Lori was at it again; hands above his head, he danced across the room, hips swaying in a dangerous fashion as he expertly belted out the notes to a much-heard, much-hated song. Most of his researchers simply went back to what they were doing, but the new guy stared, horrified and transfixed.

For his part, Lori simply extended a hand, gesturing for someone to join him. No one moved, and he slanted an eye toward a worktable, lower lip sliding into a slight pout. Several heads were bent downward, apparently utterly absorbed in their work.

His opportunity came when someone pushed open the double-doors to the main research room. Whirling, his tie slapping at his face as he did so, he fixed a beaming, mile-wide smile on the young woman who had suddenly stopped in her tracks, as if realizing her error.

When she turned to escape, he bounded toward her, grabbed both of her hands, and tugged her back into the room. She groaned and tried to run, but he held fast, and spun her around.

"Lori, for goodness' sake, I've got--"

"Oh pretty baby, I shouldn't have let you go~"

"--on a schedule here--"

"Don't you know I still believe that you will be here~"


Cringing, he stopped, canting his head at her. "What?"

She simply glared at him. "Let go of me and let me get back to work."

Shrugging one shoulder, he replied, "You are no f--.... oh." Eyes widening, he shoved her aside and bolted for his personal office, apparently struck by inspiration.

Sarcastically, someone lifted his hand and muttered, "Hallelujah."
fire_llama on October 4th, 2006 04:17 pm (UTC)
Here's Lori~ &hearts